Letters from prison

18 09 2011

In remembering the anniversary of the 2006 coup, PPT renews its call for all political prisoners to be freed.

We have received the following message from the campaign to free Somyos Prueksakasemsuk, which we have lightly edited:

Tomorrow (19 Sept 2011), the anniversary of the day when the military and the pro-coup royalist/right wing Democrat Party and their allies robbed political power unconstitutionally. This marked a setback for people’s democracy in Thailand.

This setback is nothing more than the further enhancement of royalist forces and right wing forces to continue enriching themselves via their circles of common wealth sharing.

The struggle against military intervention in politics and the royalist forces who continue to control all the key political institutions ranging from judiciary to media and military/polices forces still continues.

Nevertheless, this suppression [through the coup] also opened a new dimension of the political landscape in Thailand. The uprising of last April-May 2010 has proven the determination of the masses of red shirts who share the vision of building vibrant people democracy. The vision is for defending the equal rights of the urban and rural poor who are being oppressed. The event reflected the changing of mass political consciousness towards the modern society that shall be liberated from feudal royalist patronage and hegemony, military fascist rule and cronyism.

Even so, there are still many political prisoners who are still kept inside “cold-storage” despite the political reform agenda of the new government of Prue Thai.

However, this will not deter the continued struggle of democratic forces who stand firm in defending the vision of social justice and people’s democracy.

We wish to share with all friends, comrades and supporters of Somyot and international community at large the letters from prisons of Somyot that were published since May 2011.

These letters are also the reflection and manifestation of the collective aspirations of other democratic and dissidents voices still being imprisoned and suppressed in the Thai society.

Therefore, Somyot’s voice, through his letters from prisons, has caused  us to listen the voices of the political prisoners and many others who still struggle for this unfinished agenda of social justice and people’s democracy.

Somyot’s Letters from Prison



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