NHRC moves on lese majeste

19 09 2011

The Bangkok Post reports that the National Human Rights Commission is looking to “set up a working group to study problematic applications of the lese majeste law and the Computer Crime Act following an outcry over their alleged abuses.”

It is clear that all of the domestic and international condemnation has made a difference. So too has a change of government. The lese majeste noise also calls into question the “strategy” adopted by the U.S. government and (a least until remarkably recently) Amnesty International‘s “quiet” approach on this draconian law. In fact, both have nothing to show for their toadying approach.

According to the report, NHRC member Niran Pithakwatchara “said he has proposed the formation of the working group to the commission,…” to be headed by Jon Ungpakorn.

This is another indication that that lese majeste is being reconsidered. The sooner the better!

There’s also an interesting footnote to this story, with a comment from lese majeste victim Boonyuen Prasertying stating that “the only way to secure a shorter jail term was to confess and then behave well while inside [prison].”

We highlight this because we have long made this point. It is clear that the authorities and their principals want as little discussion of cases as possible and so that they appear “reasonable” when in fact they are conniving to protect the unprotectable.



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