Thailand’s worst-ever foreign minister speaks

19 09 2011

PPT had hoped that unlike his leader Abhisit Vejjajiva,  former foreign minister Kasit Piromya might have considered that a whopping electoral defeat would have been enough reason for  him to consider his policies and actions as a minister had failed.

Arguably, Kasit must rank as the worst foreign minister Thailand has ever had. After all, he was never really much of a foreign minister. He seldom focused on the usual important issues. Instead he became a kind of Keystone Cops chief, chasing the man he saw as evil, Thaksin Shinawatra. Perhaps his major failure was his inability to separate his personal fear and hatred of Thaksin from Thailand’s relations with Cambodia, leading to armed clashes and deaths.

Never shy, always arrogant and apparently unaware of his failures, Kasit is in the Bangkok Post warning that “Thailand should be concerned about Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s actions now he has a Thai fugitive to his country…”. Kasit is referring to Thaksin’s visit to Cambodia. Kasit was speaking as a party list MP for the Democrat Party.

No longer able to make poor decisions, Kasit  explains that he is using Cambodian journalists as emissaries, telling them to explain that “Thailand is apprehensive about Prime Minister Hun Sen, who held a reception for a fugitive instead of cooperating with Thai authorities by bringing that person back to face justice in his own country…”. We guess he means he is apprehensive, along with some of his yellow-shirted buddies.

Kasit claimed that “Hun Sen’s action showed that he backed certain political groups and that he would not accept any other side that he did not support.” Would any sane person expect him to have supported an aggressive and chauvinistic Kasit during the Abhisit administration? But then Kasit gets totally loopy and claims: “The Democrat Party has never interfered in Cambodia…”.

PPT is at a loss. This statement is so far from the truth that we were stunned. But then we recalled that it was Kasit being reported. Here are some of our posts that indicate the relationship between the Democrat Party, its government and Cambodian problems, in no particular order: Ready for battle, War not peace, Abhisit rejects UN, Kasit disoriented, Clashes on the Cambodian border, Abhisit talks war, Abhisit reveals the contradictions of dealing with PAD, Teflon Mark and the Cambodian lies. And that’s just in 2011!

Most of the rest of Kasit’s comments are babble and unclear to PPT, so readers can sort those out.



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