Updated: The Democrat Party’s continuing Thaksin phobia

26 09 2011

The Nation has a short and interesting account of the Democrat Party’s simple-minded politics that seems more like a phobia. In the report, the party’s spokesman Attaporn Ponlaboot questioning the Nitirat (Citizens of Law) law group’s call for “all judicial decisions resulting from the coup of 2006” to be reviewed and possibly expunging them.

Nitirat’s point is that the coup was illegal and that many legal decisions based on the coup group’s announcements and 2007 constitution are highly dubious.

In essence, the Democrat Party not only defends the laws but the coup itself.

It does this by directing attention to its Thaksin-phobic view that “the proposal by the group … might eventually benefit fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra and further attempts to win him a royal pardon.”

PPT can’t see how the royal pardon is related to Nitirat’s call, except in the minds of Thaksin-phobic Democrat Party spokesmen.

In any case, Attaporn makes the claim that: “The proposal by Nitirat to nullify any action by [the coupmakers] is just an academic smokescreen aimed at helping to whitewash Thaksin’s wrongdoings…”. In the best yellow shirt fashion he says “the way to prevent future coups – the stated goal of Nitirat – would be to create a political system that is honest and benefits the Thai people as a whole.” Further, yellow-speak follows:

Just a few years before the coup of September 19, 2006, there was severe corruption on the part of evil capitalists who benefited from selling the country’s concessions and interfering with independent organisations. That was the real cause of the coup. If you can’t stop the evil capitalists, you won’t stop coups from happening….

That sounds like it is straight from the People’s Alliance for Democracy stage circa January 2006.

Sakonthi Patthiyakul, a deputy Democrat Party spokesman says that Nitirat show themselves as evil Thaksin supporters by not seeking to  expunge records and judicial decisions “originating from the 2006 coup, while ignoring other power seizures.” He says: “This makes it clear that they want to whitewash Thaksin’s wrongdoings and help him with his legal problems…”.

PPT reckons that the Democrat Party’s opposition to Thaksin suggests the party is pretty much running on empty. Even its rhetoric is thin and PAD-derivative. It seems the party hasn’t moved anywhere since 2006, when party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva supported the coup, clearly feeling that it was paving his path to the premiership. If the Democrat Party can’t wean itself of reliance on extra-electoral means of seeking power, it should dissolve itself.

Update: A reader tells us that at a Nitirat event at Thammasat this past weekend, Ajarn Worajet pointed out that if any academic who criticizes the coup is so obviously a paid lackey of Thaksin, then what of the academics that supported the coup and that supported Abhisit?



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