Princesses flaunt and fight at festival for the idle rich

6 10 2011

This story popped up in PPT’s inbox today and we guessed that reader might find it amusing and more.

The headline and sub-header at The Telegraph is:

Clash of the front-row Princesses at Paris Fashion Week

Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand was unceremoniously snubbed by Princess Beatrice at the Elie Saab show.

From The Telegraph

The story begins:

It is a country where insulting the King is a crime that can land you in jail, so perhaps the Thai princess who approached Princess Beatrice [PPT: the pop-eyed one in the picture to the right, known for wearing silly hats when attending other idle rich events] at Paris Fashion Week was not expecting such a firm rebuttal.

However, when Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana approached the fellow royal she was unceremoniously stopped by a close protection officer.

To the surprise of the fashionistas lining the front row, after the 24-year-old Thai explained herself but was told by Beatrice’s guard: “She don’t want to meet no princesses. She’s sitting here, not getting up.”

… The Asian princess was not amused and was seen to turn on her heel, saying: “Is that the sort of Princess you’ve got?”

Despite her indignation, the two royals did not meet nor, it is assumed, are they likely to meet happily in future.

From Wikipedia

Sirivannavari is described as “a keen follower of fashion and the Saab show was her fifth at Paris Fashion Week alone.” It adds that she is a “fashion student in Thailand, is also an international standard badminton player [PPT: we disagree] and was recently ranked among the 20 most attractive young royals in the world by Forbes magazine.”

It is recognized that she “has previously shown a collection of her own work in Paris…” but we guess the mention of student means the writer thinks she’s not really up to the mark in the fashion world. Still, it is worth noting that the fabulously wealthy with time on their hands can tiff while hanging out with other rich and famous people who seem immune from the troubles of the world like unemployment, financial crisis and so on.

We hasten to add that the Thai princess may well be on official duties…. oops, maybe not, she’s gone from that embassy. Readers might want to see our earlier fashion post.



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