A brief update on Chiranuch’s trial

12 10 2011

PPT has been following the lese majeste-related computer crimes trial of Chiranuch Premchaiporn mainly through the reports posted at FACT. The latest report is here. We have also been updating the page we maintain on Chiranuch at Pending Cases.

The most recent development has been a delay. As FACT reports, “Observers of the trial of Chiranuch Premchaiporn hoped to see her case concluded at the close of this week and have a verdict before … December 5.” However, the extensive flooding in the Thailand and Bangkok has intervened.

The presiding judge was late to court because of flooding and only agreed to sit to hear “Danny O’Brien, expert Internet witness for the defence, [who] had travelled to Thailand from the United States for the second time to testify at great inconvenience and expence.” Scroll down the FACT post for O’Brien’s written submission and there’s more at The Nation.

The judge has scheduled further days of hearings on 14-16 February 2012.



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