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12 10 2011

According to a report in the Bangkok Post, “For personal taxes, only 9 million people file an annual tax return, representing less than one-third of the labour force. Just 2.5 million actually pay income tax after deductions, and only 18,000 people are estimated to pay tax at the 37% maximum rate.” That means that roughly 0.067% of those who are economically-active pay the relatively low top rate.

No wonder the rich don’t want change in Thailand.

Update: A reader rightly chastises PPT for not pointing out that part of the People’s Alliance for Democracy rhetoric on voting was to claim that farmers who were allegedly subject to vote-buying and, hence, should be excluded from the PAD’s new system of political (non-) democracy, did not pay taxes. In fact, most of the supporters and backers of the PAD apparently don’t pay income taxes. Like farmers, they do pay consumption taxes and probably evade a bunch of other taxes.



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19 10 2011
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