International reports on Thailand floods

15 10 2011

Courtesy of a Google feed. Several have embedded video and pictures:

Thailand Fights Floods in Bangkok, 10 Regions at ‘Critical’ Risk
“This disaster has caused the greatest loss and is the most severe in Thailand’s history.”At least 297 people have been killed since monsoon rains began lashing Thailand in late July, according to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.
Thailand flooding: Fear brings people together
CNN International
(CNN) — Thailand’s rice bowl is now Thailand’s nightmare. The Chao Phraya River delta nourishes the nation’s vast rice paddies. But Friday, the river and its many tributaries eyed the capital, Bangkok, like a ferocious animal stalking its prey.
Swollen Rivers, Surging Floodwaters Devastate Thailand’s Central Plains
PBS News Hour
Monsoon season combined with typhoon season has wrought disaster throughout Asia, from Korea and Japan, south through the Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. The latest target is Thailand where the central plains are seeing the worst flooding in half a
Honda and Toyota halt production in Thailand due to flooding
Torque News
The plants and assembly lines of Honda and Toyota, two major Japanese auto manufacturers, have shut down in Thailand to due to immense flooding. Thailand is important for the global automotive industry, since it produces roughly 7% of global
Japanese factory workers flee Thailand floods
The Japan Times
BANGKOK — The last remaining workers have abandoned Japanese factories in the Hi-Tech Industrial Estate in Thailand amid massive flooding. Production at the factories was earlier in the week severely reduced due to the rising floodwaters, said Rattana
III MEF assesses flooding in Thailand
MARINE CORPS AIR STATION FUTENMA, OKINAWA, Japan – A humanitarian assistance survey team, consisting of 10 Marines from III Marine Expeditionary Force, departed from here for Bangkok, Thailand, to assess the flooded areas and the magnitude of
Thailand floods: Eyewitness account
BBC News
Thai military and civilian volunteers are continuing their efforts to try and stop Thailand’s worst floods in decades from inundating the capital, Bangkok. Canals have been drained to allow for excessive water flow and sandbags have been piled up
Raw Video: Evacuating Thailand’s Swelling Waters
PBS News Hour
More: Raw video from APTN shows high waters and risky rescues in Thailand. Heavy monsoon rains have swamped a third of Thailand since summer, causing at least $3 billion in damages, according to the Thai government.



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