Recent reports on flooding

23 10 2011
Amongst a bunch of rumors that are being circulated for mischievous political purposes, PPT thought that some international reporting might be of some use:
  • Thai govt to boost food supply amid floods / Sydney Morning Herald‎: The Thai government says it will set up a distribution centre in Bangkok to help replenish empty supermarket shelves, as residents readied for floods that have so far largely spared the capital. Deputy Prime Minister Kittirat Na-Ranong said making
  • Thais told to brace for 6 more weeks of flooding / New Zealand Herald: Thailand’s catastrophic floods may take up to six weeks to recede, the Prime Minister said, as residents living in Bangkok’s outskirts sloshed through waist-high waters in some areas and the human toll from the crisis nationwide rose to 356 dead …

It is remarkable that the Bangkok Post, which just a few days ago (and repeatedly since) has chastised a government minister for scare-mongering has this headline at its web site: Flee to the rooftops! Quite amazing and ever so ironic that the Post is now engaging in behavior it previously claimed was horrid. In addition, the Post is reporting from web boards such as At least some of that uncorroborated news from the north and north Bangkok is encouraging: Muangthong Thani now dry / Bhumibhol dam situation. The news for Bangkok is less encouraging as water laps into some outer areas.



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