Andrew M.Marshall issues #thaistory3

24 10 2011

The third installment of Andrew M.Marshall’s promised 4-part story of the monarchy and Thai politics is now available (the document can also be accessed on Scribd, here). Based on Wikileaks cables (and much more), Marshall introduces this 132-page account thus:

After long delays, a complete draft of #thaistory3 is ready. Work on this project has taken me in directions that I never expected, and I found myself delving further into the past than I had anticipated, because it seems the only way to make sense of what is happening today.

Although earlier drafts were divided into chapters, #thaistory3 is now one long single narrative. It focuses on the reign of King Bhumibol, and on the challenges Thailand is facing.

PPT has had a quick scan of the PDF and notes that more than a third of the story relates to the death of King Ananda Mahidol, with this event seemingly having a defining impact on the current reign.



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