With 3 updates: Bangkok will flood

26 10 2011

Finally, the Yingluck Shinawatra government and Sukhumbhand Paribatra city administration agree: Bangkok is likely to flood over the weekend. The water has been creeping in, and with high tides, it seems that nothing can save the city from the mass of water flowing south. The Bangkok Post has a report worth reading, with some interesting photos and the following graphic that indicates the potential nature of the flooding in the city:

From the Bangkok Post

Update 1: Readers may also be interested in this view of the historical development of cities in flood zones in Asia.

Update 2: FROC has now stated:

Bangkokians should now accept the reality that all Bangkok areas will be inundated, Gen Pracha Promnok, director of the Flood Relief Operation Centre said Wednesday.

This is because there is so much floodwater in the northern area of Bangkok that the Bangkok authorities and Irrigation Department cannot drain it in time, he said.

“Therefore, Bangkokians should adjust themselves and accept the reality that all parts of Bangkok will be under water. The degree of flooding will depend on the landscape of each area,” Pracha said.

Update 3: Simon Roughneen has an on-the-gound account and some good photography of Bangkok’s riverside flooding.