“No special attention to palaces”

26 10 2011

We doubt that PPT is being read in high places, but this report (reproduced in full below) feels like a response to our earlier post on special attention to palaces during the floods. That post was not the first where we had noted special attention to the palaces.

His Majesty the King voiced concern for the plight of flood victims and instructed that no special flood control measures be taken for royal palaces, Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Wednesday.

“His Majesty wants no special attention given to guard palaces, saying things should unfold naturally,” he said.

Prayuth said the Army was in charge of flood control for the Grand Palace. The Royal Household Bureau had not made any special request to safeguard against flooding although the Army mapped out a plan, he said.

If the report is accurate, PPT thinks that this is both a smart political move and a quite reasonable decision based on the likelihood of widespread flooding in Bangkok.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and Prayuth have visited the Grand Palace (a tourist site and offices for the royal household) and Siriraj Hospital, where the king has been for more than 2 years.



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