Further updated: Flood stories worth reading and viewing

1 11 2011

Bangkok c. 1900 (WSJ photo)

A mix of stories and photos on the flooding:

Patrick Barta at the Wall Street Journal on the “good old days” of flooding in Bangkok.

Bangkok Pundit on the politics of flooding.

MSNBC on improvised water transport.

Pravit Rojanaphruk on the plight of migrant workers.

Ben O’Hara-Byrne of CTV News on a slow-moving flood.

Update (adding on the end of the list, above the video, as we see them): The Boston Globe’s high-quality set of photos has been updated with new pics of Bangkok.

AP on global warming and Thailand’s floods.

Sydney Morning Herald on opposition to being flooded. Also a story on this at Voice of America and Wall Street Journal.

Digitimes on economic impact to global supply chains.

The Irrawaddy on migrant workers.

ThaiPost still at work video:



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