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4 11 2011

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BANGKOK – As Thailand struggles to cope with the historic floods, residents in inundated neighbourhoods reluctant to leave behind their few possessions are complicating an already difficult relief effort, say the frustrated authorities.
Channel News Asia
BANGKOK: Frustrated flood victims berated Thailand’s under-pressure prime minister on Thursday during a visit to inundated areas of the capital Bangkok, one-fifth of which is now under water. The authorities have advised more than one million people to
Christian Science Monitor
The Thailand floods are the worst the country has seen in decades, but Thais are showing their resourcefulness. By Gabrielle Paluch, Contributor / November 3, 2011 Thai flood victims get aid package from officials at their flooded apartment at Salaya
Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) — Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra plans to win back confidence in her 12-week-old government with a reconstruction package after Bangkok residents blamed her for an inadequate response to the country’s
ABC News
Samroeng Verravanich wades through the rancid brown water in one of Bangkok’s many flooded streets. The garbageman plunges a white-gloved hand into the filth, fishes out a slimy plastic bag and slings it into the red
The Economist
THE capital is now under siege from the waters slithering down from the north towards the Gulf of Thailand. Shops, businesses and government offices in Bangkok cower behind makeshift concrete parapets and piles of sandbags.
Christian Science Monitor
Floods in Thailand have killed 437 people and submerged the northern suburbs and towns. As floodwaters slowly make their way to the center of Bangkok, locals are showing a can-do ethos. By Simon Roughneen, Correspondent / November 3, 2011



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