EU expresses deep concern on lese majeste

30 11 2011

According to a report at the BBC, the EU delegation in Thailand has expressed “deep concern” at Thailand’s jailing of a 61-year-old man [Ampol Tangnopakul] for sending text messages deemed offensive to the royal family. They have “urged the authorities to make sure they upheld the rule of law.”

The report points out that the “conviction sparked outrage among rights groups, with Amnesty International describing Ampon as a political prisoner.”

The EU delegations statement is highly significant as most foreign government ¬†representatives in Bangkok have been content to go along with the royalist intepretation of lese majeste and were silent on the political repression involved with the lese majeste law. The EU’s statement said “it wanted to reiterate the importance of ‘the rule of law, democracy and the respect for human rights’.” It added: “The EU urges the Thai authorities to ensure that the rule of law is applied in a non-discriminatory and proportional manner consistent with upholding basic human rights, including freedom of expression…”.

PPT would point out that making this statement now might be better late than never, but that during the intolerent regime that existed under the deeply royalist and repressive Abhisit Vejjajiva regime, there were ample opportunities for similar statements.



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