Facebook user indicted on lese majeste

30 11 2011

Prachatai reports that on 25 November, “programmer and Facebook user Suraphak (family name withheld) was indicted by the public prosecutor for lèse majesté, according to lawyer Anon Nampha.”

Surapak is “accused of being the owner of a Facebook account entitled ‘I shall…by staging coups’ and posting messages deemed offensive to the monarchy…”.

According to the report, the “indictment states that the defendant posted the defamatory comments on 4 May, 18 and 22 June, and 16 Aug 2011.  He was arrested on 2 Sept, and the police seized his laptop, an air card, two True Move SIM cards, a One Two Call SIM card, 52 CDs, a modem, a desktop computer and a circuit board.”

Surapak has denied all charges.  As has become the norm, he has been denied bail.

Prachatai quotes the public prosecutor in opposing bail:

The defendant is Thai, living on Thai soil which has His Majesty the King as Head of State, who has shown his immeasurable graciousness to the country and its inhabitants. The defendant, apart from not recognizing His Majesty’s graciousness towards the inhabitants, has the audacity to express great malice with the intent of overthrowing the institution of the monarchy, which is worshiped by the Thai people.  This is considered a threat to national security, which is unacceptable to the Thai people.  The defendant’s acts do not warrant any leniency whatsoever, and he deserves harsh punishment.  He committed serious crimes which threaten the security of the kingdom.  If granted temporary release, he will possibly flee, or tamper with the evidence, or recommit the crimes.  The public prosecutor objects to his temporary release in the event that he seeks bail.

It seems that lese majeste is now considered the most heinous of crimes for the Thai royalist state.



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