The lese majeste challenge

1 12 2011


PPT has mentioned several times that the Democrat Party and other royalists are manipulating lese majeste in order to challenge the Puea Thai Party-led government.

Another element in that yellow-shirted challenge is seen in a report in the Bangkok Post, where People’s Alliance for Democracy acolyte-cum-multi-color shirt leader-cum-leader of the Network of Volunteer Citizens to Protect the Land-cum-leader of a “group of people loyal to the monarchy” Tul Sitthisomwong has challenged the government. (He’s a busy lad.)

Tul and his “group of people loyal to the monarchy” have “submitted a letter to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra asking the government to close all websites found to have broadcast lese majeste content.”

You get the picture of the challenge when you also read this recent post.

Tul’s handful of royalists “asked the prime minister to direct the Information and Communication Technology Ministry to arrest violators of the law as soon as possible and close down all lese majeste websites.”

The battleground for Thailand’s politics is now firmly focused on the monarchy. It is likely to be very bitter.



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