VOA on lese majeste

7 12 2011

The Voice of America’s Doug Bernard has a long account of lese majeste. It is worth reading in full. Readers should be sure to view the video embedded in the story. Readers will also be interested in the Article 19 condemnation of lese majeste.

The tone is set in a warning at the head of the story: “Due to the sensitive nature of this story and current Thai law, readers in Thailand are advised to use anonimyzing programs such as Tor before clicking on any links.

That presumably includes the links to PPT in the story where we are cited. One small correction to the comment on us: we do not have any “membership” and none of our writers are in Thailand; that would be too dangerous.

Bernard did use a quote we supplied: “The use of LM [lese majeste] is a conservative reaction to this societal-level change. At present, the Yingluck government’s opponents appear to have decided that the monarchy is to be THE political battleground. Hence, they attack the government, implying a lack of loyalty. They appear to believe that pushing the Yingluck government will either reveal this disloyalty (and bring it down) or that the government will do its bidding in the repression of disloyal elements. They seem to believe that they have hit on a win-win strategy. It could all get much messier.”

Indeed, it will get messier.