Da Torpedo sentenced again

16 12 2011

The Bangkok Post, The Nation and several international agencies report that Darunee Charnchoensilpakul (also known as Da Torpedo) has been sentenced to 15 years jail on three counts of lese majeste.

Da Torpedo (Photo by Surapol Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn from the Bangkok Post)

Anyone reading the Post and Nation accounts would have no idea that this is a second sentencing, and no one would read any report and know that she has already been in jail since 22 July 2008. PPT finds the Bangkok Post’s electronic headline – Da Torpedo goes to jail – to be not only seriously misleading but bordering on the disgusting, ignoring the fact that this lese majeste victim has been in jail for 3 years and 5 months.

Readers interested in what Darunee said, how her original trial was held in secret (we remain unsure if her latest trial was also held in secret), how she has been denied bail through her more than 40 months in jail to date, despite a serious illness, how the original decision was voided because the court failed to act on significant petitions, how the Constitutional Court managed to concoct a decision that secret trials were not unconstitutional, and more, our page on Darunee is available.

The Post does report that the presiding judge who read the verdict was Chanathip Muanphawong, who also read the patently ridiculous 20-year verdict for Ampol Tangnopakul. The judge said the court found that Darunee had “committed the crime of royal defamation under the Criminal Code’s articles 112 and 91 and therefore deserved a five-year sentence for each of the three offences — committed in June 7 and 13 and July 18, 2008 – for a total of 15 years.”

After hearing the verdict Darunee reportedly stated “that there was no point in fighting on under such circumstances.” We assume she means under circumstances where no one charged under lese majeste can get a fair hearing or justice.

While the Post reports that Darunee’s lawyer “said he would consult with his client about applying for a royal pardon,” The Nation reported that Darunee “told reporters after the verdict that she would not apply for a royal pardon and did not have faith in the justice system.”

We can understand her feelings on this as there was never any doubt that the current court would confirm her guilt. On lese majeste, the courts runs a charade on justice.

We can understand that Thailand’s royalists continue to become increasingly desperate while attempting to prop up a decayed and crumbling system of domination.



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