Kanit on lese majeste

19 12 2011

Kanit na Nakhon is chairman of the Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand, and calls for leniency on lese majeste.

Kanit (a Nation photo)

In The Nation, Kanit has an interesting take on lese majeste and reconciliation. We quote some of it below:

[Kanit] has called for judges to treat lese majeste offenders more leniently amid mounting revulsion against the “harsh” punishment meted out in recent cases.

“For certain offences, although there are affected parties, the judicial process does not have to take action at all – especially if the affected parties are public figures,” Kanit said in a recent exclusive interview with The Nation.

Judges should show mercy and suspend jail terms rather than impose penalties strictly in line with Article 112 of the Criminal Code, he said.

Invoking Article 112 too severely could backfire on the monarchy, especially now that certain groups in society are campaigning for the repeal of the article, which they said was being used as a tool by the powers-that-be against opponents, he said.

On this latter point, see PPT’s opinion here.



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