Red shirt jailed

30 12 2011

Readers who missed this story in the Bangkok Post may like to follow up on the jailing of an alleged red shirt who is claimed to have stolen weapons from soldiers in May 2010.

Kamla Chomchuen was sentenced to 10 years in prison despite  retracting a confession he made soon after he was arrested under pressure from the police.

The three soldiers involved were from the Royal Guard and they “identified Kamla as the person who attacked them and stole three M16s and 150 rounds of ammunition near Soi Morleng on Ratchaprarop Road.”

We note that a very large number of soldiers abandoned their weapons during the early days of the Battle for Bangkok. Remarkably, one of the weapons that Kamla was convicted of stealing was allegedly “later found inside Wat Pathumwanaram.” That would be convenient for the army.

The war against red shirts continues. However, the real story is the bigger one of how this military sells and loses weapons on a regular basis.



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