Ji Ungpakorn faces 4 lese majeste charges

8 01 2012

Ji Ungpakorn

As readers will surely know, Ji Ungpakorn was an Associate Professor of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok when fled Thailand in February 2009.

The lese majeste case against him at that time – A Coup for the Rich [clicking this link takes readers to a 141 page PDF of the book] – related to comments made in his book , was due to be heard in court on 9 February 2009. Ji, who holds both Thai and British citizenship,  left for England, stating, “It is clear that the charge is really about preventing any discussion about the relationship between the military junta and the monarchy,” and adding, “This is in order to protect the military’s sole claim to legitimacy: that it acted in the interests of the monarchy.” He was concerned that he  would not receive a fair trial.

He has remained outside Thailand since then.

In a recent email, Ji states:

I am proud to announce that the Thai DSI has 4 lese majeste cases against me. Three cases are for writing books or articles and a fourth one is for giving a talk at The London School of Oriental and African Studies. Presumably the Thai Department of Special Investigation thinks it has jurisdiction over the U.K. for preventing freedom of speech.

Here is the Matichon newspaper link for 3rd Jan 2012. Many others are on the list, but Taksin [Thaksin Shinawatra] and I top the list with 4 cases each.

PPT will post a translation of the Matichon list of 33 cases later in the day.



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