NHRC to “study” lese majeste

11 01 2012

According to the Bangkok Post, the National Human Rights Commission’s “working group studying the impact of the lese majeste law convened its first meeting yesterday human rights group has begun a study of the controversial lese majeste law and how it affects freedom of expression, academic freedom, civil rights and Thailand’s global image.”

Working group member NHR Commisioner Niran Pitakwatchara explained that “the main objectives of the study were to protect the monarchy from being used as a political tool and to prevent people politicising the lese majeste law and the 2007 Computer Crime Act.” He added: “We don’t have an agenda to reform or abolish or maintain the laws…”.

That should keep the royalists happy for it buys into the notion that the monarchy itself is the body abused by the law, not the victims of lese majeste repression!

Niran well knows that the victims are those locked up. He also know the chilling impact on freedom of expression that derives from draconian statutes like lese majeste and the computer crimes laws.



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13 01 2012
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