Uncivil social media and lese majeste

15 01 2012

At The Nation, Pravit Rojanaphruk has a piece describing how the battle raging on the monarchy has become rather uncivil.

PPT is biased on this as we tend to see a lot of the yellow-shirted hate email and much that is in the Manager Online falls into the same category.

That the attacks on people identified as anti-monarchist are drawing on a history of right-wing extremism is no surprise.

Seri Wongmontha

What is interesting in Pravit’s account is the statement by the former dean of Thammasat University’s Faculty of Journalism and royalist TV host and actor Seri Wongmontha. He claims that the exceptional nastiness of the cyber-attacks on so-called anti-royalists are not “a witch hunt.”

He claims that the attacks and harassment of the then minor Kan Thoob “shouldn’t be considered a witch-hunt, but an ‘attempt to seek the truth and catch the criminal’.” Seri went on to justify the harassment and nastiness “by saying that since Karn Thoop’s remarks about the Royal Family on Facebook were evident, opposition to her was understandable.”

Justifying vicious verbal and physical attacks and continual harassment of a child – now young adult – hardly seems “understandable” or in any way justifiable.



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