Thammasat administrators bury Pridi’s legacy

31 01 2012

According to The Nation, Thammasat University administrators are reported to have banned Nitirat from using university facilities to campaign against coups and the lese majeste law.

Insulting Pridi

PPT agress with human rights activist Pokpong Lawansiri who is quoted as saying it was a “sad and embarrassing” event for the university. He added:

The university – every square inch of it – has been the battleground for freedom for a long time, he said.

Why don’t you just destroy the statue of university founder Pridi Banomyong, former rector Puay Ungpakorn and the heroes of the October 14/October 6 incidents altogether?” he said.

Recall that this is the same university that allowed the People’s Alliance for Democracy to begin its renewed “anti-Thaksin” campaign there on 28 March 2008. When mildly criticized by the government, then Thammasat rector Surapol Nitikraipoj

maintained that since Thammasat University is a public ground, the university must allow all kinds of events to be staged that comply with university regulations without prejudice (Bangkok Post, 5 April 2008).

Double standards and prejudice seem to be at work amongst Thammasat administrators.



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31 01 2012
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4 02 2012
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