Puea Thai government at risk

2 02 2012

In previous posts PPT has mentioned the Yingluck Shinawatra government’s seemingly somnolent attitude to actions being taken against it. We have pointed out that the planning and actions aimed at bringing down the government are underway and are hardly secret.

They focus on disloyalty claims, lese majeste action, court cases, impeachment moves, claims of anti-monarchy plots, military opposition, and so on, that have been implemented since the day the royalist parties were rejected.

We suggested that simply kowtowing to the royalists, hoping the royalist monster will be satiatedĀ  is a doomed and dumb political strategy. We wondered why the Puea Thai Party seemed to have learned nothing from the events of 2006 and 2008.

It gets worse.

As well as trying desperately to extricate itself from the Nitirat anti-lese majeste activities, the Puea Thai government is now accused of neglecting and belittling elements of its red shirt base. Part of this has to do with its spineless reaction to Nitirat and some has to do with the party’s response to jailed and charged red shirts.

The Bangkok Post reports that the

Chak Thong Rob, or People’s Warriors Alliance, a splinter group of the red-shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, says mainstream red shirts are ignoring the plight of red shirts jailed in the provinces for their part in the fight.

The group is seeking “clarification about bail conditions and compensation offers for their comrades…. They also want 300 arrest warrants against fellow red shirts in their province to be revoked.”

The group blasted the Yingluck government and its red shirt members for “inadequate” and “insincere” treatment of those impacted by the May 2010 military crackdown.

They demanded action on political prisoners. They pointed out the obvious: almost “two years have passed. If the evidence is weak or non-existent, they should let them go free…”.

If the Puea Thai Party is politically spineless, if it loses its activist base, and if it ignores wake up calls, it is lost.




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