Prince in Germany

12 02 2012

Readers will recall Prince Vajiralongkorn’s troubles in 2011 when what was claimed to be his personal plane – a Boeing 737 no less – gifted to him by the Thai state, was seized in Germany.

Our posts on that event began with this post on 13 July and continued almost daily (here, here, here, here, here and here). Then there were other posts (here and here) that came to an end around 10 August.

Andrew MacGregor Marshall has just published a story and commentary based on a local German news story of the prince’s recent visit to Germany, apparently to shop and renew a pilot’s license. The full story is at Marshall’s blog, so PPT just reproduces some choice items.

The prince and his wife (Marshall asks which one?) at the Mövenpick Hotel in the town of Braunschweig. Apparently the prince was extending his pilot’s license at the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt Bundesamt).

The Mövenpick is not hugely expensive, with suites at about 200 Euros a night, although it is reported that the prince was “accompanied by an entourage of 60 people, servants and bodyguards — and a dog.” The report states that

Weeks before the arrival, a delegation from the Royal Palace visited the hotel incognito…. They made bookings for more than 30 rooms and suites but it was only a few days before arrival when he was actually informed about the identity of his VIP guests….

That probably means about 3500-4000 Euros a night.

It is added that:

… the first group of staff arrived from Berlin. Dozens of cases were transported in a truck to Brunswick and unloaded. One hotel room was completely cleared for the purpose of establishing their own kitchen, providing the many employees, servants and security officials with Thai specialties, but the royal couple had mostly chosen food from the hotel kitchen during their stay.

The royals and their entourage were seen shopping

in Hannover, in the Outlet Center of Wolfsburg — and in Braunschweig city center. At Art & Deco Shop in Welfenhof the Princess bought 15 high-quality porcelain figurines, and about ten bodyguards were closely watching inside and in front of the store….




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17 03 2013
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17 03 2013
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[…] For earlier shopping stories, see here, here, and here. […]

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