Odd military views on lese majeste

15 02 2012

PPT missed this story a few days ago yet it remains relevant. TAN Network has a story that, if accurate, appears to confirm that military leaders are quite odd when it comes to lese majeste.

Air Force boss Air Chief Marshall Ittaporn Supawong has “affirmed that Thailand needs to maintain the lese majeste law to protect the Monarchy.” If that is true, then it seems that Ittaporn is confirming that the monarchy is in serious trouble and certainly not the “highly revered institution” of the royalist propaganda.

At the same time this Air Force “intellectal” affirms that “the lese majeste law does not cause any trouble to anyone, so there is no apparent need for an amendment.”

Yes, that’s right, lese majeste laws are absolutely necessary but don’t damage anyone. These are the men who claim they protect the monarchy.




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