Updates from Chiranuch’s trial

18 02 2012

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand has updated its reports on Chiranuch Premchaiporn‘s trial on charges related to the Computer Crimes Act as Prachatai’s webmaster.

FACT’s reports on the last days of the trial may be found at Day 13, Day 14, and Day 15.

There are numerous aspects of these last day of the trial that are worrying and which again show Thailand’s judiciary to be remarkably unprofessional and essentially uninterested in the constitutional and legal rights of defendants.

Examples of this include the beginning of Day 13 without the prosecution being in court and need for the defendant and her lawyers having “to negotiate for the right to give testimony.” The judge appeared unwilling to hear evidence related to international practice and seemed hostile to the defense and rejected seemingly legitimate questions.

Repeatedly, the judge appears disinterested in defense witnesses and tries to get them finished, giving the impression of being prejudiced. On the last day of trial, the judge simply dismissed the idea of hearing testimony and insisted on taking background documents. There is no guarantee that the judge will even read these.

PPT has long known that, in cases related to the monarchy, judges are prejudiced against defendants and generally uninterested in their constitutional and legal rights. In fact, judges in such cases have been shown to take unconstitutional and illegal actions and to ignore evidence. Chiranuch’s case seems little different.



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