PAD and the airport saga

24 02 2012

Remember when the People’s Alliance for Democracy occupied parliament, Government House, a bunch of southern airports and then Bangkok’s airports back in 2008? While it isn’t a complete account, see here. All of that began in late March 2008 as PAD reactivated itself and joined with the Democrat Party, appointed senators, yellow-hued academics and sundry others on the right and in the military and palace to overturn the election result of 2007.

Sound familiar? It seems that the same groups are mobilizing again in 2012.

In the Bangkok Post it is reported that charges related to the PAD occupation of the airports in Bangkok are still being investigated, some charges are being dropped and others are being added. It is all a bit ho hum when it is considered that this all relates to events from late 2008. That’s more than 3 years ago.

Meanwhile, while the PAD leadership walks about, sit in parliament, do their business, plot against the government and come up with weird conspiracy theories, lese majeste victims Ampol Tangnopakul, Darunee Charnchoensilpakul, Joe Gordon, Tanthawut Taweewarodomkul, Wanchai Saetan, Somyos Pruksakasemsuk, Surapak Puchaisaeng, Suporn Atthawong, Surachai Sae  Dan continue to rot in jails and about 50 red shirts have been jailed since mid-2010.

Double standards continue to prevail in a judicial system that is politicized and at the service of the royalist elite.




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