Updated: Amsterdam at the ICC

27 02 2012

A reader just sent PPT a link to Robert Amsterdam’s blog, where there is an update on the submission to the International Criminal Court on behalf of the red shirts. It is introduced:

As a matter of necessity, it has not been possible for us to keep everyone as informed as we would like on the process of the ICC petition. Nevertheless, everyone can rest assured that every effort is being undertaken to present the evidence, testimonies, and details of the case to the relevant officials at the ICC. Below you can read a copy of an addendum to the original ICC petition which we filed this past July. We continue to collect information and locate new witnesses both within and outside of the military who are increasingly willing to talk, so that hopefully one day we can bring accountability back to Thailand.

Following this, the 31-page addendum is available for download.

Update: The Thai/ไทย version is here.



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