Updated: Democrat Party unreconciled

5 03 2012

The Bangkok Post reports that the “Democrat Party will today ask the Administrative Court to issue an injunction restraining payment of a compensation package for victims of political violence.”

The nastiness of this party never ceases to amaze PPT. In this case, the so-called Democrat Party is arguing that the compensation package, approved as part of reconciliation, is both “unfair and unconstitutional.” On fairness, the Democrat Party has the least capacity to judge fairness in Thailand than almost any group we can think of.

Democrat Party MP for Rayong Sathit Pitutecha said: “It was designed for a certain group of people who share [the government’s] interest…”. Well, of course it does. It has never been a secret that the majority of people to be compensated for deaths and injuries during the political violence of 2005-10 would be red shirts, gunned down by the security forces on orders from the Democrat Party’s government. At the same time, it includes others from, for example, the People’s Alliance for Democracy.

As the report notes, the “package has been proposed by a committee monitoring the implementation of the Truth for Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations.

Democrat Party spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut claims his party “has no problems with the the principle of compensation but it did not agree in practice.” Why? Because the government should consider other violence nationwide. As PPT understands it, Chavanond’s claim here is out of date as decisions have been made on particular violent events in that period.Indeed, the report states: “The government says it is working on a separate compensation package for victims of southern violence.” This is a red herring. Perhaps for the Democrat Party it should be a blue herring.

Hence, we must look elsewhere for the Democrat Party’s objection. Chavanond tells us: “This kind on measure should be a national blanket policy without discrimination…”. He rambles on: “Parties can form their own army…. They can urge people to join a political rally with a promise to pay when they come to office.”

This is nonsense and an act of political nastiness. It tells us that what the Democrat Party wants to do is further punish the red shirts who they see as “disloyal” and an uppity bunch of ignorant rural hicks who need to be flayed, not compensated for Democrat Party decisions and actions.

Update: According to the Bangkok Post, cabinet has agreed to pay compensation: “All political groups will receive the same compensation and another committee will consider providing assistance and compensation for victims of southern violence based on the same principle as the political violence victims…”.



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