Hunger strikes end

5 03 2012

PPT hasn’t been reporting them in any detail, but following the hunger protest by Panitan Prueksakasemsuk, or Tai, for his father, Somyos, jailed on lese majeste charges, other activists continued the protests against lese majeste. The hunger strikers logged 23 days of action.

At the Bangkok Post it is reported that hunger strike “activists seeking bail rights for political prisoners on Monday announced the end of their fasting marathon, admitting they had achieved no tangible result.” What is meant here is that “the judiciary has not positively responded to the peaceful campaign for basic rights.” That means that the politicized judiciary is still acting as if defendants are guilty prior to trial.

More such campaigns may be launched later if there is a need for more publicity of the “basic right to bail for political prisoners.”

Core member Jitra Kotchadet said:

We continued the hunger strike campaign beyond the 112-hour ordeal initiated by Panitan Prueksakaemsuk and Phusadee Ngamkham and are disappointed that there has yet to be a standard implementation of bail approvals…”.

It is sadly ironic that getting the courts to follow the law appears an uphill battle.



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