A history of state murder and impunity

15 03 2012

We don’t know how we missed it when it came out in September 2011, but we did, and we thank Freedom Against Censorship Thailand for linking to the report 60 Years of Oppression and Suppression in Thailand (a large PDF) compiled by Junya Yimprasert.

The report, which PPT has placed at its Commentary page on General Political Background. The compilation begins:

This document brings together some of the evidence of the fearful tension that underlies the power struggle between the Institution of Monarchy and the Parliament of the People, tension that must be faced with dispassionate reasoning by all sides if the governance of Thailand is to mature in the name of peace and sustainable development.

Between these two competing forces there squats the greatly over-grown, hugely self-important Royal Thai Army – playing the game of ‘protecting the Monarch’ from ‘corrupt government’.

Our decision, after April-May 2010, to attempt to fill the void of public data about the fallen heroes of the people’s struggle for democracy gradually became an eye-opener – even for the seasoned activist, not just because of the number of top-down political assassinations but because of the consistency of the top-down brutality throughout the 6 decades of the current kingship.

We recommend the paper to readers.



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