Divisive Democrat Party

28 03 2012

A couple of weeks ago, one of Thaksin Shinawatra’s lawyers, Robert Amsterdam asked why it was that the media only referred to Thaksin as “divisive,” pointing out that his parties had been elected every time an election has been held since 2000. At the time, PPT noted that he made a good point.

Now at the Bangkok Post, readers are told that a “national reconciliation” report is divisive. The truth is, it is the rather pathetic looking Democrat Party that is divisive.

It is the Democrat Party, supported by a group of appointed, military-supporting and royalist senators  who are divisive and who threw a “joint parliamentary meeting was thrown into uproar yesterday…”.

When a government member proposed urgent consideration of the report, the mis-monikered Democrat Party staged “a fierce protest … argu[ing] the report was incomplete and questioned its legitimacy.”

Democrat Party MP Nipit Intarasombat said “there were other more pressing issues” than reconciliation. Recall that it was this party, when in government, that promoted a reconciliation of a Democrat Party variety. All the Democrat Party members of the committee considering the report resigned in a huff, saying the report was “illegitimate.”

Of course, these Democrat Party hacks and their appointed senator allies all believe that the report is about whitewashing Thaksin and they see former 2006 coup leader General Sonthi Boonyaratglin, who is chair of the committee, as a turncoat and probably in Thaksin’s pay.

As the Democrat Party MPs attacked the hapless Sonthi as “triggering divisions,” the ironic thing was that Puea Thai Party members supported him.

Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva mumbled about procedures, which is Teflon Mark’s way of avoiding the flying debris, but he is clearly supporting the Democrat Party’s divisive approach to the report. They deserve to be identified as a bunch of divisive royalist dinosaurs, clutching royal coat tails.

At the same time, the apparent teaming up of Sonthi and Puea Thai shows how easily political allegiances are malleable. Perhaps Thaksin sees advantage in such an alliance. Maybe Puea Thai have decided that Sonthi was actually little more than a  puppet for others in conducting his putsch.



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