No anti-monarchy plot

31 03 2012

The Nation reports that the Department of Special Investigation is “expected to conclude before Songkran its investigation of an alleged conspiracy to topple the monarchy, and recommend that the case be dropped for lack of evidence.”

That there is a “lack of evidence” and “unclear evidence” should be a damning criticism of Abhisit Vejjajiva, Suthep Thaugsuban, the Centre for Resolution of the Emergency Situations, and the military brass who shouted so loudly that there was a Thaksin Shinawatra-red shirt republican plot to overthrow the monarchy (ล่มเจ้า).

The “evidence” submitted by these royalists, who seeking to destroy others with rash and politically-charged accusations of “disloyalty,” was based on little more than circulated yellow shirt conspiracy theories and politically-motivated fabrications.

PPT has long pointed out that the Democrat Party-led coalition government, put in place by the military and elite, traded in lies and fabrications.