Men in red

24 04 2012

PPT missed this story a few days ago, and we thank a regular reader for bringing it to our attention, for it seems important that the director of the Department of Special Investigation has spoken again on the death of Colonel Romklao Thuwatham.

The last time the DSI director spoke on this, we stated that we reckoned that it is difficult to believe anything that exhibited limbless terrestrial locomotion out of DSI. Even so, we felt that a report in the media deserved attention. That report states that DSI “found scant evidence to support a theory that ‘men in black’ killed Col Romklao Thuwatham at a [red shirt] rally in 2010.”

That applies to another DSI report on exactly the same event, and which is now rather different.

This time, director Tharit Pengdit, declares it was red shirts killed Romklao. Tharit states: “The DSI has continued to investigate this case, and we insist this is what happened…”. Evidence? Not a bit of it in this report, but just Tharit’s assertion.

In fact, it seems there isn’t sufficient evidence because Tharit says that “DSI has contacted [Romklao’s wife] Mrs Nicha for more information as the DSI needs more solid evidence to support its investigation report so the Criminal Court would not dismiss the case.” It is added that it is “difficult for law enforcement officers to identify offenders during riots…”.

PPT is a tad confused. As we understand it, the colonel’s wife wasn’t at the scene when her husband died, so we wonder what this “evidence” might be. We wonder what Tharit’s next story will be.

We assume that his statement is prompted by a recent Prachatai account that suggests that the source of the bomb that killed Romklao may have been  from within the troops themselves.