Puea Thai failing red shirts on justice II

28 04 2012

In the first part of this post PPT outlined red shirt challenges to Yingluck Shinawatra’s Puea Thai government as the government has shown amoebic political backbone as it betrays basic notions of justice and announces its political decision to capitulate to the royalist elite. We continue that story here.

It seems that Yingluck is, if not deaf to red shirt criticism, then conveniently hard of hearing, for she and three of her deputies slithered off to visit Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda.

At The Nation it is reported that Yingluck “requested permission to consult … Prem … in the future on affairs of state…”. No, not hard of hearing, but deaf and dumb.

Photo from The Nation

Yingluck apparently met Prem for about 15 minutes with her three deputies and then was treated another 30 minutes with the grand old almost-devaraja.

Readers will be pleased to know that the “elder statesman smiled while sending off his visitors…”. But what was he thinking?

There was a lone protester outside Prem’s free digs. He carried a placard “calling for action over the deaths of 91 people killed during the 2010 unrest and riots. Police asked him to leave and there was no outbreak of violence.” No outbreak of violence? PPT imagines that the only violence would have been if authorities beat him up. What sort of “reporting” is this?

After the visit, Yingluck apparently really was dumb, refusing to answer “a reporter’s question on whether her meeting with Prem went well. She simply smiled and waved cheerfully to reporters while walking away.” But waht was she thinking?

According to one of the deputies, “Yingluck had told him she had offered more government assistance to Prem’s charity projects, including those aimed at residents of the deep South.” More taxpayer’s money down the drain, this time just for an almost royal rather than a real one.

Just like a royal, “General Prem gave his blessing to the prime minister and wished her good health. He also asked her to take good care of the people…”. And the royalist reckoned that Thaksin sought to act like a royal!

Of course, the deputy dolts continued to claim that the meeting “had no political significance.”

Perhaps they mean that focusing on Thaksin Shinawatra’s recall to the royalist elite after 6 years in the sin bin isn’t in any way political, just personal.



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