Ampol’s last letter

10 05 2012

While this letter is available at Prachatai, in addition to changing our blog header, PPT re-posts it here as a tribute to the memory of Ampol  Tangnopakul and as a statement of support for all those still incarcerated on lese majeste charges and convictions.

Lese majeste kills. Repeal the law.

11 April 2012

Dear Mr Anon

First of all, I have to apologize for never having written to you before, because I’m not good at writing, not quite knowing what to think and with poor eyesight, so I’ve not been keen on writing.  To my grandchildren, I’ve rarely written to them, although I’m missing them so much.  That may be because Khun Num [Thanthawut Thaweewarodomkul] has taken over this duty from me.  He has always written to my grandchildren, telling them about me, so I’ve not had to write to them myself. What Khun Num has written would be the same as what I’d write myself.

I’m now well, particularly during this time when I know that Khun Anon will seek a royal pardon for all 11 individuals convicted under Section 112.  I’m glad and very hopeful to be given freedom soon, together with other friends who together have endured and struggled. And I believe that this is the best option, because my kind of case has no way of ever being granted an amnesty like others. Now I take exercise every morning.  Sometimes I do it alone, but sometimes I do it with Khun Num. As for our living, we [lese majeste convicts and defendants] eat together in Zone 8.  We enjoy our company all right, which includes Num, Mee [Suriyan Kokpuey] and other fellows who admire the red shirts.  We have taken care of each other, so Khun Anon does not need to worry.  So far, I have to admit that I’ve been very tired, of staying alive, of fighting for justice for myself and family.  I’ve been desperate many times, missing my wife, children and grandchildren.  It’s only been Khun Num who has always kept my batteries charged. He’s always complained that I’m an exhausted battery, which has to keep being recharged.  I feel for him, but I’m really downhearted.  Each day I wait for Oo [his wife Rosmalin] to come visit me.  Sometimes, she brought my grandchildren along, and that made me smile.  That was happiness which I have been able to find so far.

Khun Anon, don’t worry about me.  I will try to endure and fight on, only hoping that Khun Anon and the Yingluck government will push for our royal pardon so that I can go back to stay with my wife, children and grandchildren.  Frankly, I want to say that I’m now missing my grandchildren the most.  Whenever I wrote to them, I had to cry, so I don’t want to write to them.

Khun Anon, please thank on my behalf the people who have come to visit me and other convicts under Section 112.  I really hope that I will hear good news soon.

Thank you so much

Amphon Tangnoppakul