On tasteless royalism and lese majeste

14 05 2012

We are sure that many readers will have missed the report on the tasteless and ghoulish comments by the actress Bongkoj  Kongmalai who was said to be “celebrating the death of lese majeste offender Ampon Tangnoppakul, aka Ah Kong, claiming Thailand will be better off without him.”

On the very day of Ampol’s death, the loudmouth actress went to the fount of much stupidity, Facebook, to say his death was “his karma,” before “also firing off a few choice remarks at his supporters, asking when they would join him in hell too.”

Such tastelessness is usually the stuff of ultra-royalists. However, as the story says, the actress said “while she may be guilty of many things, at least knows what she is doing.” She added: ”Even if I bared my breasts, or suffered a loss of reputation some other way, I’m not stupid.”

This last claim seems to be proven lame by her actions and words. Attacking Ampol’s supporters she gets very grubby as well, asking: “And when will you die … die helping Ah Kong in hell? For he will go to hell for sure … for defaming my father…”. She means the king, and adds: ”Thailand will be better off without him.” Presumably she means Ampol, not the king.

Of course, the “pro-monarchist ASTV/Manager website said approvingly that Tak’s comments attracted a large number of ‘likes’ among her fans.” We wouldn’t expect anything above gutter level there, but we do wonder about these people sprouting on about karma while seeming to consider themselves occupying some other dimension….

The actress claims a right to freedom of speech that she denies to others (but she probably doesn’t notice this contradiction): “she loved the King, and was entitled to express her feelings.” Clearly others can’t be allowed to express their feelings, most especially when discussing monarchy. But who expects logical reasoning from an ultra-royalist actress.

The backlash against her tastelessness and stupidity was immediate and a according to a very up-to-date Wikipedia, the deleted the posts and apologized through gritted teeth.

She also stated that “she’ll keep up with her outspoken ways in hopes people will notice her mind as well.” PPT noticed that the mind in question is in need of some additional development. Tastelessly ranting about an old man who died in prison while chanting love for another old man is not suggestive of any logic, substance or basic decency.

A follow-up report in The Nation comments on a red shirt demonstration against the loudmouth actress. That about 30 red shirts should express their outrage over her tasteless comments and should shout offensive remarks somehow “shocked” her. Why she should be shocked is anyone’s guess, for damning a dead man and abusing all those who supported him is surely going to elicit a response. Her claims that she is not stupid ring hollow.

The report includes some critical comments about the red shirt demonstrators, with one “sympathetic” academic saying they were likely to incite further hatred. PPT hasn’t seen any comments by him on Bongkoj’s incitements?

More significant are the comments by the equally loudmouth spokesman for the double-standards Democrat Party, Chavanond Intarakomalyasut who urges action against the red shirts. He concocted a claim that the protest was “violent.” We expect he will be equally loud in his condemnation of a yellow shirt action and obstruction of police on the very same day (that he must also claim is “violent” – it wasn’t, but neither was the red shirt action) and another yellow shirt action in Phuket, with pretty much the same motivation as the red shirts; expressing disagreement with political opponents.

We won’t hold our collective breath waiting for even a grain of logical and legal consistency or honesty from the spokesman for the Democrat Party. This is a party that holds the dubious distinction of locking up more political opponents and implementing greater censorship of opposition media in the past 30 and more years.

Chavanond also mumbled something about freedom of speech. Of course, the incantation of rights to free speech is nonsense when uttered by the Democrat Party. The party and Chavanond have demonstrated that they operate with glaring double standards.



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14 05 2012
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14 05 2012
Madness, murder and lese majeste « Political Prisoners of Thailand

[…] doubt the Democrat Party, ASTV/Manager and various ultra-royalist groups will be supporting Chaiwat. Share […]

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