Updated: Prayuth as tough guy

26 05 2012

Was there anyone who didn’t know that Army boss Prayuth Chan-ocha had no regrets about the deaths of civilian red shirt demonstrators in 2010? Probably not. But just to confirm his position, the Bangkok Post reports that Prayuth “has rejected a call by the mother of a volunteer medic killed during the political violence in 2010 for him to apologise.”

PPT was sure that Prayuth would do this. He has shown no remorse; indeed, his position has been hard and unsympathetic to red shirts from the beginning. We assume he hates every one of them.

Responding to Phayao Akkahad, mother of volunteer nurse Kamolkate who was shot and killed inside Wat Pathum Wanaram on May 19, Prayuth declared that as he “had already expressed his condolences to those directly affected by the political violence from March to May in 2010,” so there was nothing else for him to do.

As usual, the loudmouthed general managed to bellow that: “… among the victims were soldiers. Is there anyone who wants to apologise to them?” He apparently “insisted soldiers were simply doing their job during the operations.”

In a truly unfortunate sense that’s true as the Army has, over several decades, repeatedly gunned down civilians and had impunity for its murderous ways.

Update: A reader points out that PPT should mention one attempt to assess the military’s murder toll in its efforts to defeat political opponents. The PDF 60 Years of Oppression and Suppression in Thailand is a compilation of political assassinations and extra-judicial killings since 1947.



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