Don’t get sick in Khon Kaen

28 05 2012

Hopefully readers in Khon Kaen avoided getting sick on 28 May. Why? Basically because a royal cavalcade to Khon Kaen University’s Srinakarin Hospital will close the entrance to the hospital and several access roads.

The memorandum reproduced here and sent by a reader, gives details of closures for the royal procession of Princess Srirasmi, the crown prince’s current official wife. The thing that seems to have upset people in Khon Kaen is point 5 in the memo which tells emergency vehicles with serious cases to either hang about and wait for the royal procession to leave or go to some other nearby hospital. That makes the memo’s authors at KKU’s ever so royalist Faculty of Medicine look uncaring by putting royal convenience and security above the lives of people in emergency situations.

Closing roads for royal process is pretty much a normal thing in royalist Thailand. Ambulances and all emergency vehicles are also stationary while the higher-ups catapult past.

This is also seen in other countries for royals and some non-royal leaders. However, in Thailand it is a rather too regular occurrence, and even casual visitors to the country usually come across such a disruptive event. It is heralded by the sudden appearance of police at all intersections, barking at people not to use footbridges, and the sudden deathly silence as all traffic is cleared until the whoosh of the royal cavalcade zooms past in a large herd of expensive, often light yellow, vehicles.

The annoying thing for some is not just that emergency vehicles are stopped, sometimes for a considerable time, but that these processions are for all royal outings, not just official ones. So if the younger princesses want to party at a nightclub, all the roads are closed to facilitate their fun.



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