Initial media reports on Chiranuch verdict

30 05 2012

The following are some of the media reports that were available within the first few hours of the guilty verdict for Chiranuch Premchaiporn:

Thai Webmaster Gets Suspended Sentence in Free Speech Case, TIME‎

New call for reform of Thai lese majeste law, AFP

Thai webmaster guilty of royal slur, jail suspended, AFP

Jail suspended for Thai webmaster under royal law, NDTV

Google and Rights Groups Condemn Thai Court’s Conviction of a Webmaster, New York Times

Webmaster gets suspended sentence in Thai royal insult case, Reuters

Thai webmaster guilty, jail suspended under royal slur law, FRANCE 24

Thai web editor escapes jail over ‘royal insults’, CNN

Thai Webmaster Gets Suspended Jail Term Over Royal Insults, Bloomberg

Thai webmaster gets suspended sentence in royal insult case, Malaysia Star

Suspended term for Thai web editor over royal insult, BBC News

Thai Court Convicts Web Editor in Free Speech Case, Voice of America

Thai webmaster gets suspended jail term, Thai News Agency

Thai Webmaster Gets Suspended Jail Term for Royal Insult,

Thai webmaster guilty, jail suspended, MSN NZ News ‎

Thai web editor gets suspended sentence for failure to delete comments posted …, Asian Correspondent

Thai Website Editor Convicted, Freed, Asia Sentinel



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