“Democrat” Party promises violence

11 06 2012

It was only yesterday that PPT reminded readers of the long stated (not held) position of Democrat Party Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva on rule of law. We did that by showing the laughable contradictions of just the past week or so.

So it is no surprise at all to learn in The Nation that Abhisit’s party is now threatening political violence. Not in their own name, of course, but through PADocrat proxies.

The Nation states that the Democrat Party says the:

country will plunge into a political crisis in the next seven days if Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra refuses to take responsibility and refuses to issue a royal decree to close the House session….

This is an ultimatum: close parliament or there will be political chaos. So far the chaos has come from the Democrat Party and its ultra-royalist allies, so the threat is not without meaning.

One of the Democrat Party chief political nasties, Buranaj Smutharaks stated that “if” – perhaps he means “when” – “the situation turned violent next week, the PM cannot evade responsibility.”

This is a long-standing promise-cum-threat from Buranaj and the PADocrats. Immediately after the Democrat Party’s crushing defeat in July 2011, PPT posted this:

Suthep [Thaugsuban] “reminded the incoming government that turmoil would erupt once again if the amnesty was granted to an individual like Thaksin.” PPT has no doubt that Thaksin will continue to be a lightening rod for the yellow shirt-Democrat Party public face of opposition to a Puea Thai Party-led coalition. Who said the yellow shirts were dead? The rejectionists need them again!

Back in The Nation’s report, Democrat Party Wirat Kallayasiri, one of those filing a complaint direct to the Constitutional Court, said: “if the charter amendment bill was passed, Thai democracy would turn into dictatorial rule similar to that of Germany’s Adolf Hitler.”

The PADocrats seem to have a particular affinity with Nazis as they goosestep in parliament and use Nazi salutes (twice over the past couple of weeks). Of course, red shirt literature has regularly portrayed Abhisit as a Hitler-like figure, and it seems the Democrat Party is willingly accepting this, although Wirat seems confused. The Naz’s are not the ones who repeatedly win landslide elections. The Nazis come to power by destroying parliament and with the backing of the military and gangs marching to the beat of a fascist ideology.

Nothing has changed for the Democrat Party, its allies and the royalist elite. They have never accepted elections results. They never will. PPT has little doubt that its leaders are currently scheming and planning with all of the usual suspects when it comes to overthrowing an elected government.

Yingluck, currently missing in inaction, should do something to demonstrate she has some political backbone.



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