Revised: Discussing lese majeste II

11 06 2012

Last week PPT posted information regarding the seminar “Rhetoric and Dissent: Where to next for Thailand’s lèse majesté law?” To date, we have seen no media accounts of the event.

Thankfully, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand has a post on the event. The post includes links to videos of the discussions, and is well worth some attention. Just in case readers are wondering, PPT should add that we do not agree with everything in the videos. The claims of an anti-monarchy plot are, in our view, not supported by any factual sources.

One item caught our eye: “A Khao Sod reporter in the question period commented that he didn’t think anything he’d heard would be reported in his newspaper.” So readers can read and watch the unprintable for the supine, cringing media.



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