Updated: Communists support judiciary

19 06 2012

At the Bangkok Post, Veera Prateepchaikul made this claim:

Meanwhile, in Udon Thani, about 3,000 former communists converged in front of the town hall to show moral support for the judiciary in the face of a challenge to the Constitution Court by Pheu Thai MPs and their red-shirt supporters.

PPT is interested to know if readers have seen any other reports of this event. A few days ago it was former Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban who claimed:

Meanwhile, former Communist Party members are moving to turn Thailand into a republic run by a single political party. This may go along with Thaksin’s intention. Both have joined forces and are threatening the Thai people and Thailand.

We are wondering, then, if Suthep is being made to look stupid or whether Veera’s reporting is inaccurate. Let us know by email (thaipoliticalprisoners@gmail.com).

Update: A PPT reader was quick off the mark in sending us two excellent links regarding this story. One is a Thai-language story at Krungthep Thurakit, with an account of up to a thousand people rallying in support of ultra-royalists associated with the military and the machinations between various ex-communists. The other link is to photos at a Facebook page. These old communists are opposing some of their former comrades associated with red shirts.



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