Judicial fairness?

28 06 2012

PPT has said plenty of negative things about Constitutional Court and its failure to do anything that seems legal. It is an abysmal, biased, corrupt and divisive failure. The Criminal Court has been hopelessly biased on lese majeste.

A report in the Bangkok Post suggests other courts are also struggling. It reports that an alleged separatist who was before the Criminal Court in December 2008 saw the case dismissed “on the grounds that evidence against him was doubtful.”

Yesterday, “the Appeals Court yesterday sentenced Mr Koseng to death. The sentence was commuted to a life sentence on the grounds that his testimony was useful.”

Really? Dismissal to a death sentence in 4 years? Does that sound reasonable? PPT doesn’t know the case, but this sounds remarkable.

And, oh yes, the charges apparently relate to activities that go back to 1968.

And, more, Koseng Cheloh has been in jail since 2005.

On the basis of this report, and maybe it’s flawed, can the courts be taken seriously?



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