All that matters is hanging on?

29 06 2012

In a story at The Nation, House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont states that “the sponsors of the reconciliation bills” should “withdraw them from the House of Representatives agenda to reduce political tension.”

PPT doesn’t like the bills, but not for the reasons that motivate Somsak and the head honchos at the Puea Thai Party. Here’s Somsak’s “reasoning”:

In my opinion, the [fate of] the reconciliation bills will determine how long the government remains in power. We’ll see on August 1. I personally think the government faces some obstacles, but we should try to support the administration so it can last four years. I think it will certainly make it until the end of the term….

All PPT can so is repeat a few lines from a couple of days ago. The idea that serving a full term is critical is nonsense. Whether it is six months or three years, this  government is finished. Whether it is the Constitutional Court dissolving the party, which we expect, or a full term, the government is still dead in the political water.

The only way the Yingluck government can stay is at the whim of the ultra-royalists, military and palace. Doing their work for them means that the election of July 2011 was pretty much a waste of time. We don’t think those who voted for Puea Thai voted for a bunch of toadies who do the work of royalists. What good is staying in office if the party simply betrays its supporters again and again?



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