Abhisit misleads again and again and again

30 06 2012

Abhisit Vejjajiva is at it again. As a British lad, he should really know that telling porkies is unacceptable. Yet he does it again, and again and again. Here’s the latest.

The Nation reports to its readers that Democrat Party leader Abhisit has defended “his decision to appoint Kasit Piromya as foreign minister in 2008, arguing that Kasit had not been indicted in connection with the street protests led by the yellow-shirt People’s Alliance for Democracy.”

As PPT has pointed out in posts here and here, as unlikely as it may seem, this is actually Abhisit telling the truth. This is what he said in 2008, despite heavy criticism of Kasit as an abysmal choice for foreign minister.

Abhisit then goes on to say that “Kasit’s case should not be compared to that of Natthawut Saikua, who has been given the deputy agriculture minister portfolio.”

Oops, a  false statement. The comparison is easily made but the dissembling Abhisit is actually deliberately misleading in that he is putting the emphasis on “when appointed” rather than on “terrorism” charges.

PPT thinks the charges of terrorism facing both men are nonsense, but it is Abhisit and his chums who using the Office of the Ombudsman’s hastily cobbled together sham and joke “ruling” on Nattawut to claim that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is “unethical” for appointing him.

In other words, Abhisit is trying to have people believe that appointing Nattawut is unethical whereas keeping Kasit a minister after he was charged in 2009 are not ethical equivalents.

Didn’t Abhisit learn anything about logic and morals  from his expensive education? Worse, he seems to assume that his political audience is composed of morons who will accept lies while being patronized.



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