Kasit’s hatred of Thaksin

8 07 2012

A report in The Nation is one that is suggestive of complete loss of perspective and any remaining good sense amongst the leadership of the Democrat Party.

When the already odd debacle over the NASA request to use Utapao was rejected, there was a claim from the seemingly desperate Democrat Party that the request was somehow tied to a visa request for Thaksin Shinawatra. PPT ignored this bit of that debate mainly because it seemed nonsensical and irrelevant except to the mad yellow-shirted extremists. After all, these were the same lot who were alleging that all of the political conflict of recent years was being engineered by the United States in a conspiracy to bring down the monarchy. Later they argued that the NASA request was part of a grand plan to use climate as a weapon of war.

It seems that the more extreme, not to say demented, elements of this conspiracy wing of the yellow shirts are now significant in and for the Democrat Party. This seems, in part, due to the blind hatred the leadership of the party has for Thaksin.

So it is that former foreign minister, (former?) member of the  People’s Alliance for Democracy, former airport occupier and now Democrat Party party list member of parliament Kasit Piromya has suggested a severing of links between Thailand and the United States  because Thaksin has been said to have been issued a visa. (As a footnote, we do not recall this same angst when the U.K. government stated that Thaksin could enter several months ago.)

Kasit has demanded that the “Foreign Ministry and the United States … clarify a claim … that ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra was given a visa to enter the US a few months ago.”

Kasit made the claim that:

the US always says that it is a world leader that respects the law and human rights under democratic principles. When the US asked Thailand to extradite alleged Russian weapons trader Viktor Bout to face trial in the US, the Thai government led by the Democrat Party adhered to the request….

 PPT will later look through the Wikileaks posts on the Bout case to see what it says about Kasit, but let’s look at the “human rights” angle. Yes, the U.S. does sometimes make these claims but has never matched the claims with much positive action. In the Thailand case, the U.S. has long supported and funded all kinds of right-wing military regimes. Most recently, Wikileaks releases clearly showed how then Ambassador Ralph Boyce was essentially cheering for the coup and then welcomed it and the military junta.

The United States has never released a truthful report on human rights in Thailand because it worries that the identification of political prisoners in Thailand will be unacceptable to the royalist elite that has long run Thailand. More recently, as the Abhisit Vejjajiva government, of which Kasit was a prominent member, was having the Army slaughter red shirts and was arresting and imprisoning political opponents, there was barely a U.S. word of criticism of these actions. The U.S. always seems to protect allies, no matter how gruesome their governments.

Ignoring all of this and the long relationship between allies, Kasit gets hung up on his personal hatred of Thaksin and declares: “If the claim is true, it means the US does not respect Thailand’s justice system but insults the country’s law and integrity…”.

Of course, respecting a justice system that makes a mockery of  the law and the constitution is hard to do, but that’s not Kasit’s point. Rather, Kasit is coming back to what was his major activity for a while when he was minister for foreign affairs-cum-chief Thaksin hunter:

If the US does not cooperate with us [and extradite Thaksin], we must condemn and all Thais must sever ties with the US….

Such a demand is reflective of Kasit’s personal hatred of Thaksin. How else could a former foreign minister and ambassador to the U.S. manage such a seemingly demented demand? But this is reflective of the whole leadership of the Democrat Party where hatred of Thaksin drives almost all of their political actions. It causes them to ally with loonies, fix the courts, kill, repress, lie, imprison, and more.They hate the people who vote for pro-Thaksin parties because it thinks they are all deluded, ignorant or paid. The personal hatred causes the Democrat Party to covet a coup. Hating Thaksin means all logic is thrown out the window in a demented hate-him-or-you-are-an-enemy scream.



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